•       Project manager: Prof. Liliana Romaniuc
  •       Project assistant: Mariana Baciu


  •       Formatori:

–     Prof. Liliana Romaniuc

–     Prof. Brânduşa Chelariu


  •       Coordonator formare: Mara Vichiriuc
  •      Coordonator evaluarea elevilor: Daniela Corneştean
  •       Administrator de date, coordonator IT și PR: Gruia Ursu
  •       Consultanţi externi:

–     Prof.Dr. Christine Garbe – Universitatea Koln, Germania

–     Prof.Dr. William Brozo – George Mason University, USA

–     Dr. Ragnar Solheim – expert literaţie, Norvegia

–     Dr. Carol Santa – autor program CRISS, USA 




Project management (PM): Prof. Liliana Romaniuc ensures the project management; coordinates the team, ensures the implementation of an efficient project management system, ensures the relation with the external medium, ensures keeping deadlines. PM – has relationships at institutional level with the involved actors in the project; ensures the coordination of the information and advertising activities, disseminating of information and realizing of partnerships with the relevant actors in the field.

Project assistant (AP): Mirela Baciu  elaborates the plan and monitoring procedures of the activities, elaborates the communication plan and procedures, ensures the training for applying the procedures, checks on the procedures being followed, stores monitoring reports, signals malfunctions.

Database Administrator: Gruia Ursu coordinates informing activities; promotes dissemination of any kind of information, results through the project on line, website administration; takes part in the partnership establishment with preuniversity institutions;date base coordinator.

Monitor (M): Mara Vichiriuc/Daniela Cornestean coordinates the activities with the students; takes part in the organizing of informing and advertising activities and events, of dissemination of information of any kind, results through the project; takes part in signing the partnerships with the pre-university institutions.

Public relations (PR): Ruxandra Lidia Krisan coordinates the communication with the stakeholders and collaborators, internal communication, media communication, ensures management of organizing activities of information and advertising events.

Experts (E): Christine Garbe (Germany) and William Broso (USA) are responsible with designing the research guidelines and tools. They will create all the instruments for testing the literacy skills of the students. They will be involved in designing the training program for teachers and they will proof read all the materials produced during the implementation of the project.


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